Items tested come in a wide range from everyday products like cell phones, car parts and laptops, to other products such as solar panels, aerospace components or military materials. Testing is essential to discover the possible manufacturer flaws as well as the durability thresholds of products. Although testing can be expensive it is imperative to ensure that products are safe for the consumers.

Environmental test chamber manufacturers construct different types of chambers that can perform a variety of unique tests. One of the key qualities of a successful test chamber is consistency. Since the validity of a tested product is on the line it is quintessential for the test chamber to be able to perform 100% of the time.

Some chambers can carry out multiple tests at the same time. Chambers testing aerospace technologies for example have to be able to maintain conditions for altitude, temperature and vibration. Temperature chambers can commonly reach temperatures above 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Some chambers specialize in cryogenic applications which can produce temperatures as low as -200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Environmental Test Chambers
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Test chambers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most environmental test chambers on the market today are about as big as a large refrigerator. However some chambers are bench-top models which are equivalent to the size of a microwave while other walk-in test chambers are the size of a room that can house a small aircraft.

These chambers can normally run tests including: temperature, humidity, thermal shock, vibration, altitude, salt-spray, solar, UV, blowing dust and more.