More Test Chamber Manufacturers

More Test Chamber Manufacturers

An Authoritative List of the Best Environmental Test Chamber Manufacturers Available

RapidTherm Inc.

Chandler, AZ | 480-557-0001
RapidTherm Inc. is able to reduce your total test time using part temperature control coupled with high airflow to quickly test your specimen. We use single zone chambers. This is able to perform thermal shock testing while leaving the device tested stationary. MIL STD 202, 883 & JEDEC requirements met!

BINDER, Inc. (North America)

Bohemia, NY | 866-885-9794
Binder ensures the best test room conditions available! The industries we service include automotive, plastic, electronic/semiconductor, air/space, defense and metal/engineering. Our advantages are clear; we have impeccable reliability, trouble-free environmental chambers and thorough standard equipment.

KB Engineering, LLC

West Olive, MI | 616-399-2728
Here at KB Engineering, LLC we manufacture environmental test chambers of great variety to our customers. If you do not have a need to own a test chamber let us test your product for you. We have testing service available. Call us today or visit our website to learn more about what we can offer you!

Environmental Tectonics Corp. (ETC)

Southampton, PA | 269-345-7151
Environmental Tectonics Corporation was established in 1969. We service a variety of areas from: aeromedical, HVAC manufacturers, medical devices, pharmaceutical, automotive, military aviation and space. All of our products are manufactured on site to ensure all requirements are met. We offer supreme innovation.


Quebec City, QC | 418-527-8211
In order to achieve the best results in the mining industry, Corem is a group of mining companies who have combined their hard work to perform better research and development. Our members have full access to our experiment facilities, environmental test chambers and certified laboratories to aid in research.

Innovative Testing Solutions, Inc.

Madison Heights, MI | 248-589-4997
Innovative Testing Solutions manufactures a variety of environmental test chambers. Our chambers have the capacity to be as small as 1 cubic foot to 32 cubic feet in volume. The testing capabilities range from: water spray, steam spray, temperature/humidity, fluid compatibility, thermal shock and more.

Alliance Test Equipment, Inc.

Webster, MA | 508-671-9970
Alliance Test equipment is a leader in electronic testing equipment available for lease, rent or purchase. Our commitment is to give our customers the largest product selection of the highest quality products at competitive prices. Call us for a quote today or visit our website to see all of our features brands.

Triad Scientific, Inc.

Manasquan, NJ | 732-292-1994
At Triad Scientific our motto is: “Built by determination, fueled by desire, maintained by commitment.” We not only manufacture laboratory equipment, but also, construct, calibrate, construct and service laboratory benches, hoods and more. We have over 25 years of experience, offering the highest quality.


Glendale Heights, IL | 630-307-7200
ETS-Lindgren has more than 75 years of expertise and experience. WE are one of the world’s largest and leading suppliers of FRI/EMI shielding solutions. Over the years we have installed over 15,000 varieties of industrial equipment to governmental and medial environments. Call today or visit our website!

Associated Environmental Systems

Ayer, MA | 978-772-0022
Associated Environmental Systems manufacturers environmental test chambers of all kinds. We have several standard models of various sizes and we also will customize a chamber to your specific needs. If buying a new chamber is not what you are looking for, rent or buy a refurbished one from us today.

Despatch Industries

Minneapolis, MN | 800-726-0550
Despatch Industries is inspired by innovation. We offer a wide range of standard and custom environmental test chambers to fit all of your specific testing requirements and needs. Our standard chambers include: semiconductor, benchtop temperature, thermal shock chambers, temperature humidity and more.

Thunder Scientific Corporation

Albuquerque, NM | 800-872-7728
Thunder Scientific Corp. is one of the industries leaders in humidity equipment. Our five varieties of humidity chambers are world class. We also offer calibration equipment for your machines needs. For over 45 years, we have been producing a complete line of humidity chambers, software and accessories.

RPI, Inc.

Racine, WI | 262-633-6500
RPI is a manufacturer of testing equipment for electronic parts. Most of the electronics we test are from the automotive industry. Some companies we offer our products and services to are Chrysler, IBM and Delphi. Our services range from engineering & design, to CNC machining and assembly & fabrication.

Auto Technology Company

Strongsville, OH | 800-433-8336
Auto Technology Company is a leading manufacturer in salt corrosion testing and innovation. We supply auto companies, as well as auto suppliers with the proper testing equipment. Auto Technologies serves other industries including the government, Masco and Kohler. Call us today for more information.