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Altitude Chambers

Altitude chambers, or hypobaric chambers, are environmental test chambers which replicate the pressure and gas conditions found at differing altitudes for the purposes of evaluating the response to the changes. Altitude chambers are used to test electronics, products and packaging which may be exposed to high altitude environments during their lifespan. If malfunctions occur, or other flaws are revealed in the testing process, manufacturers can then adapt the product design to avoid future malfunctions. Read More…Request for Quote

Altitude Chambers Altitude chambers, or hypobaric chambers, are environmental test chambers which replicate the pressure and gas conditions found at differing altitudes for the purposes of evaluating the response to the changes.

Leading Manufacturers

Holland, MI  |  616-392-3161

Russells Technical Products has been designing and manufacturing environmental test chambers since 1972. Our company provides its customers with quality environmental test systems and advanced manufacturing techniques.

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Cincinnati, OH  |  800-989-7373

For over 75 years, Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ) Products has designed, manufactured and serviced custom and standard environmental test chambers that exceed customers' expectations.

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San Jose, CA  |  408-945-7861

Hastest Solutions designs, manufactures and provides solutions for all environmental testing needs. For the full range of environmental test chambers, including HAST, temp/humidity, salt fog, solar radiation, high temp ovens, autoclave, and more.

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Grand Rapids, MI  |  800-368-4768

Weiss Technik is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing techniques of environmental test chambers. We offer a complete line of standard and custom chambers, from bench top models to full walk-in and drive-in solutions.

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New Columbia, PA  |  570-538-7200

Innovative design, robust construction, and superior performance make the Tenney line of environmental test chambers and rooms ideal for all of your temperature, humidity, altitude, vibration, steady state, thermal shock applications and more.

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Thermal Product Solutions (TPS, LLC) $$$

Black Mountain, NC  |  800-438-5494

Parameter Generation & Control’s environmental test chambers feature our unique humidity control system, which enables the user to attain unsurpassed levels of RH/temperature control and uniformity.

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Raleigh, NC  |  800-688-5859

Bahnson Environmental Specialties is a leading manufacturer of environmental test chambers and we have experiences dating back to 1972. We aim to be your single-source for all of your environmental test chamber needs.

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Many companies in the aircraft industry will utilize altitude chambers to train pilots and personnel. Recently some companies have been upgrading their systems to include reduced oxygen conditions. At 25,000 feet humans will experience a condition called hypoxia. Hypoxiation occurs when the body, or a section of the body, is oxygen deprived.

This sickness can lead to far worse complications such as high altitude pulmonary edema and high altitude cerebral edema. The advantage of an altitude chamber is the trainees can experience the simulated effects of hypoxia but do not have to be exposed for prolonged time frames if an issue arises.

Another purpose of the upgrade is to reach the desired goals of familiarizing personnel with hypoxia but without pressure manipulation and rather with gas management.

The chamber also allows for a greater level of flexibility in the training sessions because protective equipment is not a necessity. These chambers are great for individuals that do not require full training courses and only need refreshers. Those individuals will save money because they will not have to actually reach those altitude conditions.

Overall altitude chambers save everyone money in the long run. Although a majority of altitude chambers are very expensive a variety of organizations will allow the public to utilize the chambers through appointments. It is also a growing trend among athletes to use altitude chambers to adjust his or her body to the conditions of the place he or she will be competing.

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