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Environmental testing is a quality assurance tool to test a material or product in extreme temperature conditions. The diverse number of tests can be adapted to your unique needs. Environmental chambers allow for full control over various conditions a product might face. It is also an effective way to ensure a product meets safety guidelines before hitting the mass market. Read More...

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Environmental testing is the measurement of the performance of equipment under specified environmental conditions. Chambers are designed to simulate a full range of temperature testing and humidity testing conditions. Environmental testing chambers tests include:

  • Salt spray test chamber
  • High and low temperature test chamber
  • Constant temperature
  • Humidity test chamber
  • Ultraviolet aging test chamber
  • Xenon lamp aging test chamber
  • Ozone aging test chamber
  • Ovens

The main function of environmental test chamber is to see how products handle operating in various environments.


Environmental chambers allows for control over various conditions. The release of a product is dependent be able to operate in a wide variety of environments, both storage and operational. In the design phase, analysis can be performed to help determine a product’s ability to meet each of these environments. While testing the product is taken through environmental tests to see if it can withstand certain pre-set expectations and standards. If the product does not meet a certain environmental specification, or if the margins between the specification and the actual product operation are deemed not sufficient. Failure must be analyzed and the product must be made more robust.

Environmental tests can test:

  • altitude
  • explosive atmosphere
  • fluid compatibility
  • ice/freezing
  • rapid and explosive decompression
  • temperature and humidity
  • waterproofness and immersion

Environmental testing is important to understand the longevity of a product and to understand if they meet or exceed safety standards and requirements.


Test chambers vary in size, sometimes being as large as a small room or as small as a countertop device.  Generally, test chambers have viewports or video feeds that allow for ease of monitoring. Some chambers allow for reach-in openings that allow for sample testing.


Test chambers must follow several organizational standards and guidance in construction, temperature control standards and engineering tolerances. Including:

  • Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology
  • Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute
  • ASTM International
  • Underwriters Laboratories
  • NSF International
  • FM Global
  • Canadian Standards Association
  • International Organization for Standardization

Things to consider

When hiring a testing service, it is important to disclose details about the product. Safety standards require approximately ⅓ product and ⅔ empty space to allow for adequate air flow. It is also important to disclose the type of material tested for the manufacture of the chamber. This allows them to determine the right fit, or a custom builds a chamber. When using a testing service, it is important to consider their capabilities. Manufactures of chambers bring in expertise, as well as the ability to adapt and customize a machine.

Environmental Test Chambers Power Pages

Altitude Chambers

Altitude Chambers

An altitude chamber is a test chamber that is designed to simulate the altitude, vacuum, and temperature of environmental conditions at heights that match the flight patterns of all forms of aircraft, from commercial to military...

Climate Chambers

Climate Chambers

A climate chamber is an enclosed space that provides a controlled set of circumstances for testing the impact of various environmental and climatic conditions on industrial goods, commercial products, electronic devices, materials, and biological matter...

Test Chamber

Test Chamber

A test chamber is a managed and controlled environment used to test the endurance, stability, and practicality of equipment, products, and chemicals. They are a controlled enclosure that mimics the effects of environmental conditions that a product may encounter during its usage...

Environmental Chambers

Environmental Chambers

An environmental chamber is an enclosure used to test the effects of a variety of conditions on a product, component, part, or assembly. These highly technical pieces of equipment are capable of simulating the types of conditions a product may face while in use...

Humidity Chambers

Humidity Chambers

A humidity chamber is a mechanism that examines how products react when exposed to variations in humidity. This type of environmental testing is used by manufacturers to test the various parameters of their products in the harshest of conditions...

Temperature Chambers

Temperature Chambers

A temperature chamber is a controlled environment capable of producing conditions that a product will encounter during its use. These highly controlled technical tools are able to produce the types of hazards, uses, and atmospheres a product may endure...

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