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When faced with the decision to purchase equipment, there is always the temptation to purchase the newest and best to ensure top quality. This can be especially true when deciding on purchasing a testing chamber since the data acquired from it can be a critical part of the product development process. The daunting part of the decision is the cost of a new testing chamber, depending on size, which can be several thousand dollars.

Refurbished testing chambers provide and economical alternative and can perform the same tasks as new ones but at a much lower cost. To some, the name refurbished may have the same meaning as inferior. In reality, refurbished testing chambers are put through a rigorous rebuilding process that transforms them from used to practically new. Read More…

Refurbished Test Chambers Refurbished test chambers are used test chambers that have been restored, repaired or updated and then placed back on the market for sale. Test chambers themselves are enclosures in which various products are placed so that their responses to certain short term and long term environmental conditions and changes and circumstantial events, such stress, impact and vibration, can be tested.

Russells Technical Products has been designing and manufacturing environmental test chambers since 1972. With over 150 years of combined management experience, our company provides its customers with quality environmental test systems and advanced manufacturing techniques. Russells offers a variety of standard and custom designed chambers to meet your exact specifications.

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We are leading environmental test chamber brand with over 78 years of experience designing environmental testing solutions. Over the years we have developed products for ease-of-use, reliability and performance designed to meet our customer’s testing needs and improve the safety and reliability of their products.

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A pioneer since 1962, Thermotron has been building the most recognizable environmental test equipment in the industry. Every chamber and shaker sold is handcrafted in West Michigan and comes with an intuitive controller. From automotive and defense, to electronics and medical industries, Thermotron has helped companies small and large create more reliable products. When you need to know whether...

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As a leader in the test chamber industry we believe our systems are ideal for your company. We manufacture models that come standard with many useful features for testing applications. We believe that our advanced technologies are essential to the reliability of our products and our quality customer service is perfect for your needs. Feel free to visit our website or give us a call to learn more!

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Hastest Solutions designs, manufactures and provides solutions for all environmental testing needs. For the full range of environmental test chambers, including HAST, temp/humidity, salt fog, solar radiation, high temp ovens, autoclave, temperature cycling, sand and dust testing, rain, triple zone chambers, including custom sized chambers, please contact us.

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Isotech specializes in state-of-the-art environmental test chambers. With our standard and custom test chambers we strive to offer our clients products that are specifically designed to fit their needs. Isotech offers technical specifications like copper screen enclosures, RF signals, and USC-26 and USC-44 series panels.

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Refurbishing can take two forms. Companies that manufacture testing chambers will get used chambers from their customers and refurbish them for resale with the limitation that the company only sells chambers they have produced. Companies that specialize in refurbishing follow the same process but offer chambers from a variety producers. In either case, the refurbished chambers are put through very strict and stipulated processes to ensure quality and value.

Refurbishing begins when the initial owner requests the used chamber be removed.  Before being shipped, the chamber is inspected for contaminates and possible defects that may be a problem during transport. This initial inspection provides valuable information for the refurbishing team as well as a first assessment of the viability of the chamber.

Once delivered to the refurbishing engineers, the chamber is further examined for defects, flaws, and quality. This aspect of the process is very detailed and includes an investigation of every part of the chamber from the wall panels to the formatting of the data collection device. Parts or components that still have possible use are upgraded and reinstalled as well as  being remanufactured and improved to meet industry standards. Refurbishing companies follow strict guidelines during and after the refurbishing process to ensure what they resell meets customer requirements.

Prior to the final inspection and testing, the chamber is thoroughly cleaned of any possible contaminates. Since testing chambers are precise instruments, it is important to have any miscellaneous factors removed so that the chamber provides accurate data during its final appraisal.  The chamber is cleaned down to the smallest details.

To be approved for resale, the refurbished chamber has to be able to demonstrate that it can complete each of its functions. During this phase, the chamber performs tests that it was manufactured to do. The design of the chamber determines the tests for the final inspection, which can vary from high altitude scenarios to drastic variations in temperatures.

In the end, a refurbished testing chamber is just as capable of providing accurate data as a new one. The standards and stipulations refurbishing companies meticulously follow  guarantee that their units will perform up to customer requirements. Essentially, a refurbished testing chamber has all of the qualities of a brand new chamber without the price.

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Altitude Chambers

An altitude chamber is a test chamber that is designed to simulate the altitude, vacuum, and temperature of environmental conditions at heights that match the flight patterns of all forms of aircraft, from commercial to military...

Climate Chambers

Climate Chambers

A climate chamber is an enclosed space that provides a controlled set of circumstances for testing the impact of various environmental and climatic conditions on industrial goods, commercial products, electronic devices, materials, and biological matter...

Environmental Chambers

Environmental Chambers

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Humidity Chambers

A humidity chamber is a mechanism that examines how products react when exposed to variations in humidity. This type of environmental testing is used by manufacturers to test the various parameters of their products in the harshest of conditions...

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Stability chambers and rooms are climate-controlled environments that provide stable conditions for testing and storage. These specialized environmental chambers offer a precise, raised temperature or humidity to ascertain...

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Temperature Chambers

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Test Chamber

Test Chamber

A test chamber is a managed and controlled environment used to test the endurance, stability, and practicality of equipment, products, and chemicals. They are a controlled enclosure that mimics the effects of environmental conditions that a product may encounter during its usage...

Thermal Shock Chambers

Thermal Shock Chamber

Thermal shock chambers are climatic chambers for thermal shock testing that are utilized to put the material to serious shocks. This is accomplished through the repeated and sudden passage to low temperature areas from high...

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Environmental Test Chamber

An environmental test chamber is a chamber that creates atmospheric conditions that can influence the performance, function, and capabilities of assemblies and components. It is a sophisticated instrument that provides data...

Vacuum Chambers

Vacuum Chamber

A vacuum chamber removes air and pressure from a confined enclosure to test the effects of a vacuum on parts, materials, components, and assemblies. It can also be used to test the performance of applications for manufacturing...


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A cleanroom is a specially designed enclosed space where airborne particulates have been limited or removed by a highly sophisticated filtration system. They are used by industries that require a highly controlled and monitored...

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Portable Cleanrooms

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Softwall Cleanrooms

Softwall Cleanrooms

A softwall cleanroom is a confined controlled space with a metal frame, clear panel walls, an entrance, high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, and exceptional lighting that is designed to provide a contaminant and particulate matter free workspace...

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